Friday, September 02, 2005

First Podcast!

It's done! Finally! Well, here you go...

Episode 1

Monday, August 15, 2005

Hey There

Ok, fist post and all, well... I usually like to ramble, and so I hope you all don't mind about Here be the site for the first House Podcast (at least that I could find, if there is another one out there just holler!)!!! I am hoping to have an episode out before I head off to college, in about 20 days, depending on when I get this thing it's about midnight now. So. House. *pokes self to stop the rambling*

This podcast is going to be a bit basic unless I can get some serious help from a really good techie person *looks around with puppydog eyes* Any of you out there willing to help? I have the writing and the talking skills to pull this thing, off, and I can broadcast one that is very nice, but has no special effects or stuff like that. Sorry about that, but hey, I will do what I can.

So far I have the following ideas as far as what content I would like to include in the podcast:
*Houseism of the week
*House Music of the Week
*A long segment detailing some aspect of season one (Cuddy's wardrobe, the House/Wilson friendship, the Ducklings and what we know about them, etc.)
*News and interviews from the week(s)
*A short segment about a fan fic or author on my message board or over on LJ
* A small discussion about the upcoming episode preview, and maybe the preview itself
*Trivia question of the week

That's all I have, and the way that I figure I want to do an hour show, so I hope that is enough to fill it. If not I can always ramble away the Well that's all I have for now, be on the lookout for more news, and hopefully a podcast in the near future!